Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page is in Seattle and I am FREAKING OUT

March 16, 2018

Photo courtesy of SIPA USA


Jimmy Page was spotted in Seattle and no one told me?!

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I'm freaking out! I spent my teenage years trying to convert my friends into becoming Zep Heads. Saying that I'm obsessed with Led Zeppelin would be an understatement. I've read books upon books on the band, have all of their studio albums on vinyl (plus a few fantastic live LP's) and even got the mark of the beast inked on me when I was 20.

The Zep guitarist was scoping out the amphitheater at Greenlake, which used to be the "Aquatheatre," a now-defunct 5,600-capacity theater that Zeppelin made infamous in 1969.

Led Zeppelin will always be a part of who I am today, their music helped shape the way I listen to music and the way I feel music. Music nerds, I know you understand. I could listen to Pagey tell stories all day! If you haven't seen the documentary It Might Get Loud, add that to your Netflix queue, ASAP. 

As to why he was here, the legend was likely traveling with Scarlett Sabet, a poet and actor had an event at MoPOP. She also happens to be Page's girlfriend.

The fact that just 20 hours ago Jimmy Page was spotted in our fine city is blowing my mind! Apparently, he was last seen in Seattle in 1969! I wonder if he's staying in room 342 at The Edgewater Inn... I may have to go investigate this.

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