Misheard lyrics heard around the world!

September 1, 2016

Photo by Alyssa


We've all been there. Driving with our friends, messing with the radio trying to find that one song everyone knows, (or think they know) and boom, there it is, Fall Out Boy's "This Aint A Scene.." comes on.

It wasn't my favorite and I wasn't even aware of the title at the time, but it made us all nod our heads and when that chorus came on we brought our A-game! Or at least I thought..  

"This ain't a scene its a god damn farm's ace!" are the words that came out of my mouth. 


My friends just started laughing uncontrollably, telling me, “That doesn't even make sense, Alyssa!.. don't you know the name of the song?!" Well no, I didn't. 

Yeah, yeah, laugh it up. I'm not the only one who gets lyrics to a song wrong, and Twitter is proof! If you've been in the same situation as me, then make yourself feel better by checking out all the misheard lyrics heard around the world! 

Happy laughing :)

I love little kids!

And thank you, Young The Giant for clearing this one up for us!