Music Is Life: What new music is Alyssa listening to?

Band Of Horses, NEEDTOBREAHTE & BANNERS = My world

July 25, 2016

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime


Music is my life. I’m sure I’m not alone with that statement.  Music is everywhere! We attach so many memories to music. Every time I hear “Never Gonna Give You Up” By Rick Astley, it immediately takes me back to Summer of ’89 playing on the deck with my brothers and being a bunch of turds.

Which songs made the essential Summer Camp playlist?

I’m pretty much always listening to music. I actually get weirded out if it’s too quiet around me. I like my music loud and I go through “music moods” like most people do (I’m guessing).

My current music mood is "new music." The songs on this playlist are all new and some of them are played on 107.7 The End. What new music are you listening to? Let’s share tunes! Comment below or find me on the twitter webs @AlyssaOnTheEnd.

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