New Music Discovery: Barns Courtney, Morgxn, Beabadoobee + More


July 23, 2020
New Music Discovery

Don't get me wrong, I love my apartment in West Seattle, but I'm getting a bit restless looking at the same walls all day everyday. Dance parties with the doggos, breathing exercises and new music discovery have been helping me big time during this pandemic life! And hey, I feel very fortunate to be able to broadcast from my spare bedroom, just need to express that before we jump into these new tunes. <3

Barns Courtney - Hard To Be AloneOur semi-local friend Barnaby surprised us with a 4-song EP that is, in a word, beautiful. All songs were recorded at his home while in lockdown. This song starts off the elegant selection, enjoy! 

Morgxn - WONDER - You may remember enjoying Morgxn's song, "Home" (feat. Walk The Moon) on our airwaves for a Discover & Download last year. I was happy to hear it booming throughout the credits after the final scene of Hulu's new series, Love, Victor! Morgxn is back with a new jam and an emotional video to go with! Seriously, this video gave me the feels! Watch below and check out what Morgxn has shared with us on this process:​

wonder was written at a time where i could feel myself slipping away. holding on to some version of life that was breaking. i didn’t realize we would enter a global pandemic but i think what i’ve found is that we are all wondering what the future holds — every level of every industry is asking the question. the day that billie eilish tweeted about my song ‘home’ being inspiration for her record, was the day i was dropped by my label. i think i wondered if anyone will hear this music and if there is a way to reach people.. and that question has only driven me to keep going. WONDER is my declaration and my rallying cry for people to not feel alone during this time. mx

Beabadoobee - Care - Beabadoobee (Beatrice Laus) has been blowing up on TikTok and over the last couple years has caught the attention of The 1975's Matty Healy, Taylor Swift and Khalid. Her song "Coffee" was the inspiration for Powfu's "Death Bed(Coffee For Your Head)" and now has a brand new bop for us to enjoy. Beabadoobee announced her debut album will drop later this year and says this song "Care" is an angry girl anthem that she wants "chicks to rock out to in their bedroom and dance to and to cry if they feel sad." This song rocks, plain and simple and if you're a fan of Soccer Mommy, Clairo and/or Snail Mail you need to check it out!

Gus Dapperton - Post HumorousI first discovered Gus Dapperton while listening to one of the soundtracks for Netflix's 13 Reasons Why. I really liked his song "Of Lacking Spectacle" and began to check out his other material. I was pretty stoked to find out he had released a new song and it's as great as I expected! Gus posted on his IG recently opening up about the meaning behind this new track, "Post Humorous": It's about someone who treats life like a joke and death like a victory and the unstoppable forces around them. Take a listen and let me know what you think. Reach out anytime on Twitter: @alyssaontheend