Songs You Should Be Listening To: New Music from Cage The Elephant, Interpol, Flora Cash + more

February 1, 2019

At least once a week Manley and I have a mini music meeting in our office. We blast the new, new and we're either jamming out or yelling "Next!" Hey, being a music nerd can be brutal, but someone has to do it. We rounded up some jams that we think you should be listening to right now, check them out!

Alyssa says:

Interpol - Fine Mess - Interpol did not disappoint with this new one! I'm not hating on the new Interpol material, but I had a love affair with their first studio album, Turn on the Bright Lights for a long time, and this song belongs on that album. It has that old Interpol feel and I'm obsessed! Looking forward to seeing them perform at Moore Theatre tomorrow night.

Flora Cash - They Own This Town - This hubby and wife duo made us fall in love with their song, You're Somebody Else almost as quickly as they fell in love with each other over SoundCloud. This new song is great and a little more fast-paced than their other tunes. I'm digging it! 

Goth Babe - Weekend Friend - According to Griffin Washburn's Instagram, he spends his time making music in trailers with his adorable doggo and enjoys the outdoors. Did I mention he makes solid tunes? Yeah, get into his stuff and start with this new one:


Manley says

Yellow Days -That Easy - Listen, this song is over a year old but new to me. In fact, I don’t even know how it ended up on my playlist but im so glad it did. It's kind of King Krule meets Amy Winehouse, you should check it out.

Cage The Elephant - Ready To Let Go - For obvious reasons. This legit may be my second favorite CTE song already (Aberdeen being #1 always and forever obviously).

Yungblud - Loner - I saw this dude a year ago in the back bar at the Croc and was really impressed. I want him on your radar, because he is going to be awesome someday.


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