New Music Discovery: Barns Courtney, Atlas Genius, The Beths + More!

Great tunes to check out over the weekend!

May 10, 2019
107.7 The End New Music Discovery

Music is life and what better way to spend part of the weekend than to get your ears on some new tunes? Here are some songs I'm jamming to at the moment:

Barns Courtney - You And I - Barns did it again! Dropped a fun, catchy upbeat song on us and I've listened to it a dozen times now. Get to know the jam and go see him at Neumos this fall!

Atlas Genius - Can't Be Alone Tonight - Get into the latest release from the Aussie brothers! This song has such an 80s vibe and those riffs, woo!

The Beths - Future Me Hates Me - A four-piece from New Zealand that I can't stop listening to, it's pop rock at it's best! The Beths recently opened up shows in the UK for Death Cab For Cutie and released their debut album last year. Check out this song and let me know what you think!

Girl In Red - Dead Girl in the Pool - Marie Ulven is a musician from Oslo, Norway who released music in Norwegian at an early age before she started making music under Girl In Red. I hope she blows up because I love her music! Her song "We Fell in Love in October" is the song that introduced me to her, but this is her latest release and tbh you should listen to both!


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