New tunes from Girl In Red, The Backseat Lovers, Pink Laundry + More!

August 26, 2020
New Music Discovery

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I love my apartment in West Seattle, but I'm getting a bit restless looking at the same walls all day everyday. I feel very fortunate to be able to broadcast from my spare bedroom, I just miss my coworkers and hanging with friends and going to concerts!

Dance parties with the doggos, breathing exercises and new music discovery have been helping me big time during this pandemic life, so let's dive into some of the music keeping me company right now. Hope you dig these new tunes!


Jean Dawson - Clear Bones - This song is quite morbid in a light-hearted way. Words of mortality woven through fun, beachy guitar riffs makes this song a total bop! The 24 year-old Jean Dawson was raised in Tijuana and San Diego and pulls influence from punk, pop, hip-hop and experimental music. I can't get enough of this song which sounds like a mash-up of 90's alternative tunes. Check it!

Girl In Red - Rue - I've featured Girl In Red (Marie Ulven) on my new music blog before because I'm obsessed. Seriously, I have become a huge fan of this talented Norwegian singer-songwriter over the last year. GIR is self-taught on guitar and piano and produces/creates music in their bedroom. I predict big things for this artist and excited to dive into the debut album! Girl In Red commented on this new song, Rue saying they wrote this song for "my loved ones who are affected by my mental health." 

The Backseat Lovers - Kilby Girl - An Indie Rock band from Salt Lake City, these guys released their debut album last year and getting noticed for it! Fans of The Kooks will really enjoy this tune, take a listen and let me know what you think!

Pink Laundry - Like It Like This - Judah Akers, frontman of Judah & the Lion ventured out solo after spending time alone at his home in Nashville last year. “I had this moment where I was making a lot of music that I loved but didn't feel like it fit into the Judah & the Lion story." Instead of forcing a different sound on the band, he started recording a handful of songs under the name Pink Laundry. Respect! Judah also commented that he realized he loves bat sh*t crazy electric rock music. That's exactly how I would sum up this song! It's def more rock leaning than folk and I'm into it! My one gripe--wish this song was double the length, it's just that good!

Remi Wolf - Woo! - This song has flavor! It's soulful and sexy sounding and you can't not move when you hear it. Coming from 24 year-old Remi Wolf who is a California native and describes her music as "weirdy sex pop". I am feelingggg this song, what do you think?

Reach out to talk music anytime!

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