New Music Discovery

September 17, 2019

New Music Discovery is what we do and we love sharing it with you! Here are a handful of songs that me and new guy, Walt are digging right now, take a listen:

Alyssa says:

Joseph of Mercury - Pretenders - I stumbled on this song randomly while surfing the web and I'm glad I did! This song has serious David Bowie vibes and I just love it! And that bass! <3 Found this in the "about" section of his Facebook profile: BORN TO THE SYNTHESIZED BELLS OF THE 80'S. REINCARNATED FROM THE VELVET MEN OF THE 50'S. Maybe that will give you some insight into his style :)

Caamp - Peach Fuzz - Caamp is a Folk trio from Ohio formed by childhood and summer camp friends, Evan Westfall and Taylor Meier. This song is just a straight up good folk tune that will make you want to cue up while hanging outside with a cold beverage. Digging this so much!

The Regrettes - California Friends - If you listen to me on zee radio, then you know how much I heart this band! I will most likely be dancing and singing all during their set at Deck the Hall Ball, sorry not sorry. Their latest album, How Do You Love? is fantastic and worth a listen all the way through, but this is one of my favorites:

Walt says:

Rex Orange County - 10/10 - Yacht rock is alive and well in 2019, but the lyrical content is a little stormier than you might expect! Cool song!

Liily - Wash - Really cool song that has a throwback/ retro vibe about it. Think early 80s post punk. I tend to have to turn this one up!

Grandson - Rock Bottom - I’ve been a fan since I saw Grandson slay in a hotel ballroom. I love this killer track from his their EP A Modern Tragedy Vol. 3. Check him out at Showbox on 10/13!