Songs You Should Be Listening To: New Music From Snow Patrol, Dennis Lloyd, Dominic Fike and more!

February 26, 2019
107.7 The End New Music Discovery

At least once a week Manley and I have a mini music meeting in our office. We blast the new, new and we're either jamming out or yelling "Next!" Hey, being a music nerd can be brutal, but someone has to do it. We rounded up some jams that we think you should be listening to right now, check them out!

Manley says:

Dominic Fike - 3 Nights - I'm really into songs that have grooves lately and this one definitely has me swaying in my seat. (Listen, I realize that sounds like a corny line in a “Now that’s what I call music” compilation commercial, but whatever.)

Cavetown - Green - Dude makes music in is bedroom. HE IS A GEN Z OWL CITY, YOU GUYS.

Dreamers - Die Happy - This is probably their poppiest song to date, but that doesn’t mean its still not a rad song.   


Alyssa says

Dennis Lloyd - Never Go Back - Over the last year I have come to love Dennis Lloyd. He keeps putting out the chillest songs and he can rock the trumpet! Looking forward to seeing him in action live at Neumos in April!

BLOXX - Sea Blue - I don't even remeber how I stumbled across this song, but I do hope this band takes off. They're a foursome from West London and  I love love love the guitars in this song. Hope you dig it, too!


Snow Patrol - Life On Earth - I know this song came out in 2018, but it's still new and frankly, I feel like people are sleeping on it! Their entire latest album, Wildness is fantastic and if you haven't listened to it yet, start with this song. 


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