New Music Friday: Manchester Orchestra, Interpol, Andrew McMahon

June 8, 2018

At least once a week Manley and I have a mini music meeting in our office. We blast the new, new and we're either jamming out or yelling "Next!" Hey, being a music nerd can be brutal, but someone has to do it. We rounded up some jams that we think you should be listening to right now, check them out!

Manley says:

Interpol- The Rover - SO glad to have Interpol back!  Sounds like they haven’t missed a beat

Nothing - Zero Day - Hey, are you missing those chunky guitar tones of the 90s?  ME TOO.  Check this song out! 


Gorillaz - Sorcererz -  I really love the beat.  This has a super chill vibe.


Alyssa says:


Manchester Orchestra - I Know How to Speak -  I just listened to this song three times in a row and I love it. It's a six-minute long song that didn't make it on the band's last record, but is nothing short of amazing. Frontman Andy Hull posted about the song today on Instagram saying: This song was originally and roughly formed a few years ago, about the impending weight of the future; it almost made it onto Black Mile, but hadn’t fully formed yet. We spent some solid time this year revisiting and reworking and recording the song into its final state. I found it inspiring to work on this song right before the birth of my son, which was and is beautiful impending weight. 

It would be a real treat if they played this song for us at Summer Camp this August. 

The Voidz - Leave it in My Dreams - The Voidz was formed five years ago by Julian Casablancas of The Strokes. They released their second studio album earlier this year and I think this song goes best with warmer weather :)


Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness Ohio - I don't think Andrew McMahon could release a song that I didn't like. I love everything about who he is and honestly, I fell in love with even more after his Summer Camp performance last year. 


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