New Music Friday: Robert DeLong, King Princess, Vince Staples and more!

November 2, 2018

At least once a week Manley and I have a mini music meeting in our office. We blast the new, new and we're either jamming out or yelling "Next!" Hey, being a music nerd can be brutal, but someone has to do it. We rounded up some jams that we think you should be listening to right now, check them out!

Manley says:

Kyle Nicholaides - Space Between Us - Kyle is the singer from Beware of Darkness and I dig this song. It's dark and brooding and has a real slick riff that drives the song. It sounds more like 20’s angst instead of teen angst. 

Robert Delong- First Person On Earth - This came out 2 weeks ago but I didn’t remember to mention it, which is a shame because I think this is a great song. I’m trying to come up with the right words to describe it and all I can come up with is that this one is less irky jerky than a typical RDL song. Listen to it for yourself, you’ll understand. 

Vince Staples- Feels Like Summer - Listen, Vince Staples is my dude. I was as excited to see him open for the Gorillaz as I was to actually see them! His new album is short and sweet and Feels Like Summer is a banger.

Alyssa says:

Wild Nothing - Letting Go - If you made it to the Wild Nothing show at Neumos last night, then you are the real MVP. I wanted to go, but stupid adulting got in the way. I'm really enjoying their latest album, but especially this song. It's Indie Pop at it's best!

King Princess - ***** Is God - King Princess blew up with her song "1950" which I love because for me, it's so relatable :) I love that she makes music for us gays and this song has a super catchy beat! Try not to dance, I dare you.

Kali Uchis - In My Dreams - Kali debuted her first piece of music in 2012. Since then, she's worked with Snoop Dogg, Diplo, Tyler, The Creator, and Gorillaz to name a few. She dropped her debut full-length album earlier this year and this may be my favorite song from it. And yes, that is Damon Albarn you hear in the middle.

Happy listening, fellow music lover! Reach out to us anytime:

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