New Music Friday: Vampire Weekend, Bastille, Judah & the Lion + More!

Holy New Music Discovery Batman!

May 3, 2019
107.7 The End New Music Discovery

Music is life and we just received a bundle of new songs this week! Check out some of my personal favorites and let me know what you think, music nerd!

Vampire Weekend - Father of the Bride - The band's fourth, and very anticipated album is finally here! I am a huge VW fan and have been waiting for what seems like forever for new material from them! I mean, it has been just about six years since they dropped their last album, which I didn't love as much as the first two. After hearing their first few new singles, "Harmony Hall", "Sunflower" and "2021" I was hopeful for the rest of this LP!

It's packed with 18 tracks and features Danielle Haim (of HAIM) and Steve Lacy on several songs. So far, this one is my favorite!:


Judah & the Lion - Pep Talks - Congrats to the Nashville-based trio on the release of their third album, Pep Talks! It's still catchy and fun, but adds an emotional and raw vulnerability to the mix. Frontman Judah Akers gets personal on this record and opens up about therapy and anxiety. I am pumped for the band because they are the nicest dudes in the biz and I really hope this album soars! My personal favorite right now is:


Bastille - Joy - I like this song because even if you cut out Dan Smith's voice, you'd still know it was a Bastille song. It's upbeat and catchy and will be featured on the band's upcoming album, Doom Days. The new album tells a story of a single night at a house party while the apocolypse is going on outside and through the songs you'll hear a constant battle of joy and doom. I'm looking forward to getting my ears on this LP which drops on June 14th!


Of Monsters and Men - Alligator - This is the first new single from the Icelandic band in four years and I am pumped about this song! It has a little more punch and sounds more pop-rock than folk. I'm into it, take a listen and let me know how you feel about it!


Reach out to talk music (or Dave Grohl) anytime!:
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