New Music Friday: Young The Giant, Death Cab For Cutie, Yuno and more!

June 15, 2018

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At least once a week Manley and I have a mini music meeting in our office. We blast the new, new and we're either jamming out or yelling "Next!" Hey, being a music nerd can be brutal, but someone has to do it. We rounded up some jams that we think you should be listening to right now, check them out!

Manley says:

Death Cab For Cutie- Gold Rush - I mean, I could listen to this 100x in a row.  In typical DCFC fashion its equally melancholy as it is uplifting.  This song perfectly explains Seattle 2018 and I love it.


Young the Giant - Simplify-  Been a fan of these dudes since they were The Jakes (humblebrag) and Im super excited that they are back with a great new song! 

King Princess- Upper West Side- I've literally loved every song she’s put out so far.  Massive superstar potential here.

Alyssa says:

To touch on the new DCFC and YTG songs.. I love both of them. I really love that Ben Gibbard gave Seattle a new song, reminiscing about his days walking around Capitol Hill. And Young the Giant never disappoints! Their new song Simplify basically tackles life in 2018. Trying to find comfort in love while blocking out the noise that keeps up at night. 

Yuno - No Going Back - Yuno just dropped his debut EP, Moodie with Sub Pop Records and I can not get enough. For real! Yuno does all his creating at his home. He writes, records, produces, engineers.. the whole deal! After you're done listening to this perfect summer jam, check out his song "Why For". It may be my favorite on the record.

Sunflower Bean - I Was A Fool - This song sounds like a mix of Fleetwood Mac and Joan Baez. It oozes that late 60’s summertime vibe and I'm into it. If 2018 had a Woodstock, these guys would be on the bill. If you dig the song, go check them out live at The Croc this Wednesday! They'll be playing with our Summer Camp friends, Smokey Brights.

Reach out to talk new music discovery anytime!

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