Playlist: Songs for People Who Hate Valentine's Day

February 13, 2018

photo by Branden


I have never been a fan of Valentine's Day. Maybe it's because I've been cheated on by someone who used to drop the "L" bomb on me all the time. I mean WHAT is that?! BS is what it is, just like this holiday where we feel forced to spend $30 on a fancy box of chocolates that contains 1/3 of some weird, disgusting cherry nougat bites.


I don't mean to be a downer and I'm all for people celebrating their love, but personally, If I am dating someone, I would want them to show me they care all the time, not just when the stores start carrying heart-shaped boxes

 BrandenFromTheInternet will tell you that Valentine's Day can be fun and that is exactly why he wasn't allowed to contribute to this playlist. ;) Instead, I asked for your help making an awesome anti-love day playlist and man did you deliver!:

Not to mention all your aweome suggestions on our Facebook page \m/ The final product is glorious! Enjoy:

If you're living that single life and feel like treating yourself on Valentine's Day, I'd pull a Michael Scott and go with something like this!  :) #SinglesOnly

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