Protips For Summer Camp 2017

August 8, 2017

Selfie Mastered by Manley

We're just a few days out from Summer Camp 2017, and I am PUMPED! I love getting out to Marymoor Park, it's such an awesome venue! Before we start dancing and partying this weekend, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make your #TheEndSummerCamp experience the best! 

1. Pack a mini deodorant  - It's supposed to be in the 80s all weekend at Marymoor Park and things will definitely get sweaty. And smelly. You know when Andrew McMahon (hopefully) jumps into the crowd on a dragon all our arms will be UP! No one wants a smelly pit in their face when they're trying to be a part of this 'holy crap' moment! You don't, I don't, Andrew McMahon doesn't. So pack a little smell-good stick in your bag and we will all benefit.

2. Make friends with a tall human - Make new friends of all heights at Summer Camp, but especially taller peeps. Why? Well, as a 5-foot tall gal myself, I've had to ask taller concert-goers to help throw me when I wanted to crowd surf. They can easily throw you ON TOP of people rather than into them. Also, as Gregr pointed out- tall peeps provide shade!

Stop Hating On Tall People At Concerts! Sincerely, a short person

*We can be friends, too! Come say hey this weekend and I may give you something from my sweet new fanny pack! OK, that wasn't creepy at all.

3. Bring back up chargers -  For your phones! Obvi. You know you're going to be sending texts all day like, to tell your friends not to wait for you because you're in the Full Tilt line getting your ice cream on. And, of course, to fill your Snapchat story with clips of your favorite songs from Sir Sly while using our sweet Summer Camp Snapchat filter. So make sure your phone has juice and bring your portable power!

4. Get there early so you don't miss anything - Remember that time Portugal. The Man crashed Summer Camp?! Oh wait, you missed it because you decided to sleep in and took forever to get your butt to Redmond? Doh. You never know who will pop in at Summer Camp! Last year we all lost it when Duff McKagan hopped on stage to play with Awolnation, it was bonkers! So yeah, get there early.

5. Bring sunscreen AND set a reminder to reapply! Yes, it may sound a little ridic to set a reminder for yourself to reapply sunscreen during Summer Camp, but your body will thank you after the weekend has passed and you aren't sore and red as a lobster. Besides, isn't that what the reminder setting on your phone is for? You're not going to remember after throwing back a flight of craft beer in the Brew-B-Q and hanging with Andrew W.K. so help your skin out and set it now.

The 5 sunburns you will see at Summer Camp 2017

Looking forward to spending the weekend with you listening to a ton of live music! Get your tickets today and we'll high five in a few days :D

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