The Vinyl Exclusives We're Excited for this Record Store Day

March 6, 2019

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Record Store Day is the BEST because it gives us a chance to go out, support our local record stores and pick up some special releases to add to our already stellar vinyl collection! I'm one of those people who goes out for RSD for the conversation, as well. If i had a dating profile, "talking music with strangers" would be listed on my hobbies. It's a great way to make a new friend or just share the love for music! 


Record Store Day 2019 is happening April 13th and this year Pearl Jam is the official RSD Ambassadors! We looked over the full list of special releases we'll be getting and here are our top picks:



Green Day ‘Woodstock 1994 - I have a bootleg CD of this performance that I love featuring a huge mud fight during a 10 minutes “Paper Laterns” - having it on vinyl in an official capacity will up that to official!


Rockabye Baby ‘Lullaby Renditions of Weezer’ - Since they haven't done a version of Isis (the band), I’ll get SpaceBaby an early intro to Weezer - I’ll also have to get him a record player for his room since it’s for nap time…


3” Vinyl - I’d love to pick up the Foo Fighters “Big Me” or Rancid “Ruby Soho” tiny vinyls.



I'll be hitting up Easy Street Records early April 13th to get the Pearl Jam 'Live At Easy Street' record. Vinylception?? It's from their 2005 in-store performance and since I wasn't there, I need this vinyl! 

The Bird and the Bee's self-titled debut album is what made me love them and they are re-releasing the synth pop goodness on vinyl, so yeah. Definitely picking that up!

I've become a big fan of Soccer Mommy this past year, so I'm stoked to get her 'For Young Hearts' EP that started it all on vinyl!



I want to pick up the Green Day 'Woodstock 1994' vinyl for sure! Gonna turn it up to 10 and throw mud at people, check your history books for that reference kids.


Bone Thugs n Harmony 'E. 1999  Eternal' because I’m not going to go to a record store, see the Bone Thugs album and not buy it am I? Of course not. 


While I know Manley is beyond pumped on the Dr. Dog live album, (no... really) I’m over here getting stoked for Green Day 'Woodstock 1994'My Chemical Romance 'The Black Parade is Dead', and The Used 'Live from Maida Vale'... so basically a bunch of live records :) 



I have got to go with that Benjamin Gibbard 'Me and Magdalena/The Concept 7"' (because Locals Only of course) and Courtney Barnett 'Everybody Here Hates You'.


You can check out the full list of special releases coming April 13th, here! Which records do you have your eye on? Hit us on Twitter and let's talk vinyl!

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