Appreciation Post: Midnight Supply Co. Celebrates Five Years of Serving Seattle

July 15, 2020
Midnight Supply Co

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Midnight Supply Co. (MSC)
1521 S 92nd Pl Suite A Seattle, WA
Owned and operated by Christine Geronimo

Midnight Supply Co. is a minority-woman-owned local print shop located in the South Park neighborhood and still finding new ways to thrive during these trying times. Get to know Christine Geronimo, the woman behind this well-oiled machine!

Tell us a little about yourself- are you originally from Washington?
I grew up in a Filipino household and my dad was in the Navy. We moved around the east coast before I turned six, then he was stationed in WA and I’ve been here ever since.
My family is from Silverdale, WA on the Kitsap Peninsula.

How long has Midnight Supply Co. been serving Seattle?
MSC just had our five year anniversary in March. It’s been a crazy year, to say the least! 

Kudos to five years, that's great! Are you in the original location?  
When the company started, it was an already-existing print shop in Wallingford. I was hired to manage MSC and 3 years later, I purchased the company. Last summer, I moved us to a new facility down in South Park.

What inspired you to have your own business and which is your primary passion: designing or printing?
I’ve always been a grassroots marketer. Much of my work over the past ten years has revolved around my community that I’ve built through merchandise and the local music scene.
Over a decade ago I had internships with Sub Pop, Pearl Jam and Macklemore. Since then, I’ve always focused on the importance of marketing through branded apparel after seeing the growth that it provides to independent artists. Now, being at MSC, I’ve been able to focus more on the production side of the decorated apparel industry. We typically work with print-ready files from our clients and don’t have a designer in-house, so there is a definite passion for the printing process itself. Not many people know what actually goes into printing a single shirt!

Times certainly have changed since March with COVID-19 disrupting our lives, what does your average work day look like? 
As a small business owner, I definitely felt the disruptions of COVID-19. Initially, the entire staff was laid off. Since then I’ve been having to rebuild our staff, structure and procedures, while also making sure we’re staying on top of production and our machines are continuously moving. 

How many people are on your staff? 
When we have some of our larger orders, headcount can go up to twenty staff members. Typically, I’ll have a staff of ten or less.

What's a piece of work that you are particularly proud of? 
Definitely proud of the Save Our Showbox tees we’ve printed. I like to say “We help save The Showbox one t-shirt at a time!” I went to see Foo Fighters at Safeco Field (now, T-Mobile Park) and Taylor Hawkins was wearing one of the shirts with cut-off sleeves.

Taylor Hawkins performing with Foo Fighters in Seattle 2018
Photo taken by Christine

Thanks, Jimmy. Tune in tonight! #savetheshowbox

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I noticed you printed the volunteer shirts for the DCFC/Odesza Bellingham show, that's very cool! Who are some of your other local clients?
I’ve built my network through the Seattle hip-hop scene- we’ve printed for
 Blue Scholars, The Physics, Macklemore, Sol, Travis Thompson, Nacho Picasso and Sam Lachow.
This has also allowed opportunity to work with musicians in other genres, local music venues and festivals. I believe it was a connect through the Showbox that got us to work on the DCFC/Odesza tees.

Volunteer tees for tonight’s #DoubleMajor with @deathcabforcutie and @odesza !

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What's the most important part of your job when working on behalf of local businesses?
A lot of our business comes from personal connections which lead to meeting many other small business owners in our region. Maintaining my relationships has always been a focus of what I do. Helping all of our clients to grow from local to worldwide is always a goal!

Beanies with sewn woven labels for @lilwoodys #seattleburgermonth 1545k YP CLASSICS® RIBBED CUFFED KNIT BEANIE

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Supporting local businesses is important for the community! Think of Midnight Supply Co. the next time you're in need of a stellar print job! 

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