Seattle-Based Sniffspot Offers Fenced in Areas For Your Dogs to Zoom!

July 9, 2020
Nix at Sniffspot

Photo by Alyssa


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Before my Basenji/Greyhound doggo, Nix was injured at a doggy daycare, she loved to zoom and chase other dogs at off-leash parks. It made me really sad when she started having trust issues with other dogs.

I get it, she experienced trauma and is dealing with it in her way. That being said, she still needs to zoom and get her energy out because well.. she is part Greyhound.

Public parks aren't always an option for us, so I was beyond thrilled when I came across a Facebook post about Sniffspot

Sniffspot is a Seattle-based startup created by David Adams that connects dog owners with homeowners who can offer safe, fenced in spaces for the pups to get some exercise. This service is perfect for dogs like Nix because she can run around and zoom her heart out alone, and I don't have to worry about possible encounters with other dogs.

Your pup's your heart and joy! Use Sniffspot to find a local backyard for them to play, roam, and run in. ⁠ Download via link in bio. --⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #sniffspot #dogsonadventures #adventuredog #offleashlife #offleash #livelifeoffleash #dogpark #dogsthathike #dogowner #dogownerproblems #explorewithdogs #thegreatoutdogs #canineenrichment #reactivedog #dogparents #puppers #pupperino #weeklyfluff #mustlovedogs #houndsbazaar #dogsplaying #dogshavingfun #dailybarker #dogsoftheworld #dogparkfun

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It's also great for dogs who live in an apartment downtown or who don't live near an off-leash park. You can download the Sniffspot app for free and find hosts near you. Rent out a stranger or neighbor's yard for an hour, what a concept! Some people charge $5/hour to rent out their yard and fenced in space and I've seen others charge up to $10/hour per dog or more.

I used this service for the first time recently and it was so great! The host left out dog bowls with a hose, a garbage can for poop bags and lots of toys. The area was a perfect safe space for my two furry buddies to let out some energy and they totally took advantage!

Check here to see if there's a Sniffspot near you!

Lola Sniffspot
Photo by Alyssa

Nix Sniffspot
Photo by Alyssa

Sniffspot is also a great way to make a little extra money if you're a dog loving homeowner with the fenced in space or land. You can easily become a host, here!

Photo by Alyssa

I'm so glad I stumbled upon Sniffspot, it's a great service for the community and dogs are so much happier when they can run off the leash for a bit :) Nix definitely approves!

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