Staff Picks: Best Albums of 2018

December 19, 2018

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New music discovery is what we do, so naturally, we had to round up our favorite compilations of tunes that hit our earholes this year. Check out our picks and agree or disagree with us later on social media!


Gregr: MGMT, Boygenius, John Hopkins, Sleep, and Sofi Tukker all put out records I go back to a lot, but for alternative, The 1975's A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships is a smash to wrap up a weird year. I also love that Low album.

Manley: The 1975A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships - Whether you like what music sounds like in 2018 or not, this album is the best version of it. 

Alyssa: This was a tough decision for me as I enjoyed several albums that came out this year. Honorable mentions: Young The Giant's Mirror Master, Soccer Mommy's debut LP, Clean and Twenty One Pilots' Trench. My favorite though, is Death Cab For Cutie's Thank You For Today. After three years of waiting, they came back strong with 10 tracks that just flow, one into the next. I really love this album!

Cody: So many awesome bands released so many awesome records its hard to chose!
Alkaline Trio raised the dead with Is This Thing Cursed, Fall Out Boy became THE biggest pop band in the world by dropping the fire that is MANIA, Senses Fail meshed my adult and high school feels in the best way thanks to If There is Light It Will Find You. SO MANY!!!

StevenVide Noir by Lord Huron (but possibly the Black Panther soundtrack by Kendrick Lamar + guests)

Leslie: Death Cab for Cutie's Thank You For Today

So, which album were you blasting this year? Reach out and let's discuss, music junkie!

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