Interview: Get to Know the New Guy, Walt!

August 26, 2019

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Wondering who that new voice is on your drive home from 3pm-7pm everyday? It's the new guy, Walt and he's had quite the music industry experience! He's worked on both sides of radio and is in a band that played Deck the Hall Ball on the same bill as Presidents of The United States! We couldn't be more stoked to have him as part of The End squad, so get to know him!


Where are you from?

 I grew up in Illinois where I was doing radio and formed a band called Stabbing Westward. At one point, we all quit our jobs to give the band a real opportunity, which paid off as we were signed to Columbia Records and put out 4 albums, two of which went gold.  After the band, I went back into radio and eventually ended up working at XM before moving to Q Prime management (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, Metallica, etc..) to do some A&R and work with producers.  For the past eight years, I’ve been back in Chicago building the alternative station there.

So I take it you're familiar with the music biz :).. Besides this job, why did you want to move to Seattle?

 Seattle has always been a place I’ve felt comfortable. I’ve tried a couple of times in the past to get a job at 107.7 The End. I was here a year ago before an Alaskan cruise and it really connected with me. All things aligned between my job and personal life and now I couldn’t be happier to be in the PNW.

Tell us music lovers more about Stabbing Westward; when did you guys form and what instruments do you play?

Many years ago, me and my best friend started a band which would ultimately come to be Stabbing Westward. I play keyboards, guitar and do a great deal of the computer programming.
We had a bunch of radio singles and got to tour the world, or at least a bunch of it. It’s funny, I remember playing a Deck The Hall Ball in 1996 and there was an Endfest in there somewhere too.  

All good things undoubtedly come to an end so the band called it quits before the fans stopped showing up. After 16 years away from the band, Christopher and I put the band together for a charity show and were blown away when it sold out in 3 minutes. Ever since, we’ll go out and play a few shows a month. It’s still amazing to see people come out and sing these songs.  We’re actually working on new songs and hope to get something out soon. We’ll see.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see the music business from all these different sides. From the radio stand point, as an artist and also from the management side. I see how all these sides have to work together.

That's solid! Looking forward to hearing your new stuff when you decide to share \m/ DTHB 96, dang! Do you remember anything from that show?

I remember Jim and and Marcus, our guitar player, wrapping themselves in Christmas lights before they went on stage to play. They had these really long extension cords attached to their legs so they could walk around on stage.  It was pretty ridiculous.  

Ridiculously awesome! Ok, now time for the super important questions like..

What's your favorite style of pizza?

Since I just came from Chicago, I do honestly love Chicago stuffed pizza. I’m glad that I can still order them frozen from Giordano’s. That said, I'm fine with a classic NY slice too.

What's the most beloved vinyl in your record collection?

Such a hard question. I’ve been collecting vinyl for so long. I really love my 3 disc version of Radiohead’s OK Computer and also, being a Chicago industrial guy, I had to bring my Ministry Boxset with me.

What's your favorite beer?

There seems to be so many fantastic breweries here in the PNW. I can’t wait to sample them all. But sticking with what I know, my current fav is an IPA called Daisy Cutter from the Half Acre brewery in Chicago.

What do you love about your new neighborhood?  

Man, I love how Seattle is very neighborhoody much like Chicago. I live in West Seattle and I absolutely love it! I love being able to walk to the Junction which has so many great little restaurants and businesses. Brunch and a browse at Easy Street is a great start to any weekend.

Your go-to brunch order is…  

And right on cue… Huevos Rancheros is my go to. Although I recently had some amazing biscuits and gravy!

Favorite 90's band?

I suppose I can’t mention my own band, huh? Alright, I guess I would have to say Failure. Their album Fantastic Planet is a desert Island album for me! Thrilled they got back together and have been making music again.

Hoodie or flannel?  

Hoodie all day!! I actually have a large hoodie collection and tried to pare it down before I moved. I didn’t do a very good job. I need more closet space!!

Favorite artist/band of 2019 so far and why?

Wow! Really hard for me to pick just one! Matt Maeson has impressed me with his songwriting. I can’t get "Cringe" out of my head. I really like White Reaper although they’ve been around for a couple of years. Tons of energy! And I’ll mention an up and coming band called Bones UK who will soon release their debut. Two ladies from the UK. Carmen plays guitar as good as anyone! You definitely should check them out live! Oh, and keep your ears open for The Federal Empire!

Best hangover food

Breakfast burrito or cold pizza? Each has their strong points. A breakfast burrito with potatoes will help soak up all that alcohol still lingering in my system, but you have to cook it. I think I much rather just shove some cold pizza from the fridge in my face.

Do you have any fur-babies at home?  

Yup! Two cats, Ninja and Pirate, love them! 

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