SNL Mannequin Challenge Announcing Kristen Wiig is Amazing

November 17, 2016

Photo by Alyssa

Ok, so pretty much everyone has jumped in on the Mannequin Challenge and personally, I'm all for it! 

It's been a nice distraction from all the negative crap floating around on the social media webs. We even did one, except we put our own Deck the Hall Ball spin on it. 

And just the other day, the entire cast of Saturday Night Live participated in the challenge, using it for their promo to announce Kristen Wiig's hosting duties for this Saturday's episode.

If you can't wait until Saturday to check her out, here are some of Wiig's best skits to hold you over!

Oh, and if you did the Mannequin Challenge with your friends or coworkers, feel free to share it with us on twitter:

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