Appreciation Post: Washington Coffee

I could spend half my life trying all the great coffee WA has to offer!

February 18, 2020
washington coffee

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This all started last week when I asked you to give me some local coffee suggestions on Facebook. I plan on sending some to my little brother on the East Coast as a house warming gift, and you definitely gave me some great choices!

Don't get me wrong, since I moved here almost four years ago I have been fully indulging in the exquisite WA coffee world, but I certainly missed a few gems! Take a look at some of my (and your) favorite coffee brews in our great state!

Tony's Coffee - Bellingham, 1971

I first started buying Tony's Coffee because I saw it in a store for a ridiculously reasonable price! I went home that day with their Cafe Carmelita, Espresso Noir and Backcountry Blend. I enjoyed them all, but Backcountry Blend is by far my favorite from Tony's. I usually go for a dark roast for my morning cup, but this medium blend is the perfect start to the day! Full bodied enough for the dark roast lovers out there. 

The only thing we love more than making coffee is making coffee in the #outdoors. #tonyscoffee #fairtrade #organic #getoutdoors

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Raven's Brew - Alaska / Tumwater, WA, 1992 

To be honest, the artwork on Raven's Brew packaging is what made me want to try their coffee. I was happy to discover that their coffee is as awesome as their eye catching pounds! I've tried several different roasts and have spent way too much time in Safeway sniffing their coffee and these are the two I drink the most:

Raven Brew coffee
Photo by Alyssa

Camano Island Coffee - Camano Island, WA, 1999

I was unaware of the deliciousness that is the Papua New Guinea medium roast from Camano Island until End friend Michael suggested it on Facebook! Like most people, I dislike Facebook for various reasons (mostly the negative rants and TMI posts), but it can work to your benefit in cases like this! I am not joking when I say that this made for one of the best cups of coffee I have ever sipped. Ever! I'll let you know what I think of their Peru and Brazil dark roasts when they arrive :D

Camano Island coffee
Photo by Alyssa

Ghost Alley Espresso - Seattle, 2012

Mercedes Carrabba opened Ghost Alley Espresso eight years ago when she remodeled the old and weathered attendant's room into a 147 square foot coffee shop for tourists and locals to enjoy while browsing Pike Place Market. It's one of my favorite shops in Seattle, now owned by Mike Buchwald and selling coffee from Mercedes' Queen Anne Roasters. I have tried many different roasts from GAE, but my favorite is their Ghost Alley blend!

Beans! We have delicious single origins as well as refined blends all from the best in the west; @queenanneroasters ! Every bag is from one of the 5lb micro roasts (super small batch goodness y'all!) No grinder? No problem! We will grind it for you in shop if you like · · · -- #coffee #beans #ghostalleyespresso #frenchpress #coldbrew #homebrew #local #smallbatch #microroasted #seattle #bestcoffee #pikeplacemarket @buzzfeedfood @best @bestfood_aroundtheworld @seattlemet @pikeplacepodcast @seattletimes @seattlepulse @beansandbrews @seattlerefined

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Their Holiday blend is pretty dang tasty, too!

Coffee & radio go together like Santa and egg nog. -- - Alyssa

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Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters - Olympia, 1986

Roasting some of the most delicious tasting coffee for over three decades, and to ensure the delivery of freshness across the country, B&B opened a second location in Atlanta in '94. It's funny, I lived in Atlanta for two years and hadn't tried their most well-known batch, Dancing Goats until I moved to Seattle. Although my tastebuds enjoyed their Whirling Dervish and French Roast, my top choice is their Dancing Goats blend. 

Batdorf & Bronson coffee
Photo by Alyssa

My younger brother doesn't even know how spoiled he's about to be with all this great smelling, oustanding tasting coffee! Have any other favorites? Reach out to me on Twitter!

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