Songs We Can Listen to On Repeat for Groundhog Day

February 1, 2019

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What would you do if you had to endure the same day over and over and over.. like Bill Murray did in 1993’s flick, Groundhog Day?

You might want to pull your hair out, unless that day involved hanging out with Dave Grohl or (insert band you’d love to chill with for eternity) You might be OK if you had a stellar playlist to listen to on repeat. That’s where we come in. Looping your favorite song is always so satisfying, we can’t explain it, but feel you might understand being a fellow lover of music. Here are our favorites...



alt-J Something Good

Manchester Orchestra Shake It Out

Tame Impala Let It Happen

ISIS In Fiction



The Walkmen The Rat  

Blink 182 Feeling This 

Dennis Lloyd - Nevermind  



Bloc Party Banquet


Sufjan Stevens Come On! Feel the Illinoise!


Interpol Evil  



Barenaked Ladies 
One Week

  Over and over and over and...


Telekinesis Cut The Quick

Better Oblivion Community Center  Sleepwalkin'

Bonny Doon  Long Wave

Dude York Run