Stop Hating On Tall People At Concerts! Sincerely, a short person

they can't help that they're taller than you!

July 24, 2017

Photo by The End


Stop hating on tall people at concerts. Trust me, I've been there.

I used to dread going to certain venues for shows because I knew I wouldn't be able to see anything on stage. I stand short at an even 60 inches (that's just 5 feet), so the struggle is hella real! There have even been a couple times where I actually said "screw it" and gave my tickets away because of my (lack of) height game.

It happened to me during the Phantogram show at the Paramount last year. I  had floor tickets, got there fifteen minutes before they went on, and then cursed the tall gent who stood in front of me with his date the whole show. They were dancing (obviously, I mean it was Phantogram) and it made it pretty difficult to see what cool threads Sarah was rocking that night. It was stupid to get upset at the guy in front of me for waving his Stretch Armstrong arms and enjoying the same concert we both paid to go to. He got there early. He wanted to be up close just like I did. He won.

Summer Camp is right around the corner, so let's make sure we ALL have a good time. The best part about Marymoor Park is that you can hang back on your blankets and camping chairs and still rush the stage when your favorite band New Politics comes on. People like Gregr can't help that they tower over most of us, but there are ways to prevent getting stuck behind a giant at a concert.

PROTIP: If you're like me and like to be close to the stage, get there early! Gates open at noon each day so plan ahead, get there early so you'll get a spot where you want!

PROTIP: if you get stuck behind a tall human, try asking them nicely to let you stand in front them. A smile can go a long way, especially when you're trying to see Bishop Briggs kill it on stage. 

We're all there for the same reason -  to see a band(s) we love! So make the most of Summer Camp 2017 and get to Marymoor Park early that weekend. 

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