The Best Dave Grohl Moments of 2019

Because Dave is hands down the coolest guy in rock!

December 17, 2019
Dave Grohl on tour with the Foo Fighters

Photo by Mat Hayward


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Dave Grohl is a living rock and roll legend! From being Nirvana's drummer, to fronting Foo Fighters (sometimes drumming for the band) and even forming his own supergroup in the meantime, the dude has the steady hustle, down!

Dave is literally full of surprises; you never know when your inbox will be filled with a link to a free EP (Saint Cecilia) or when the band decides to drop another few songs from the Foo File vault! There's a reason why he's been deemed the "coolest guy in rock" and here are just a few of Dave's best moments from the year!:

1. The man turned 50! 

At the beginning of the year (January 14th to be exact) Dave hit the big 5-0 and he celebrated with a Grohl Bowl! Living the rock and roll life can take a lot out of you, and after all those years of partying and mansion crashing, Dave came to the realization that nothing beats a bowlng alley birthday party!

Dave’s 50th birthday party aka Grohl Bowl -- . . --: @chefbkalman @susanholmesmckagan @gjeangenie @scottreeder @dottie_west . Thank you @spiritoffoobean -- . . . . . . . . . . . . #davegrohl #taylorhawkins #goofighters #foos #foo #ff #drummers #rockstars #duffmckagan #stevejones #gunsnroses #sexpistols #happy50th #grohlbowl #happybirthdaydave

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2. Dave Grohl was spotted busking at Pike Place Market

Oh yes, remember that?? He and Brandi Carlile surprised a ton of locals and tourists shopping for their weekend floral bouquets with a pop-up busking session! I missed them by about 15 minutes and I will never live it down! It still hurts... so I'll just let you enjoy the video from that Saturday below:

3. Dave brought his daughter, Violet on tour wth the Foo Fighters

I'm assuming it's pretty bad ass to be Dave's kid for many reasons, but mainly because of this!:

Dave's oldest daughter got to jump on stage with her father and the Foos throughout their tour and sang it front of thousands and thousands of people. She, being an up-and-coming musician herself, had the opportunity of a lifetime if you ask me! This performance of "My Hero" is so heartwarming and just plain awesome! There goes my hero, paying it forward to a younger generation once again. <3

4. Backbeat BBQ charity events

If we know anything about Dave Grohl, it's that he can't sit still for too long, and I'm not just talking about working on new music or touring. He now has his own barbeque company, Backbeat BBQ. Last year, Dave and a few celebrity chefs came together to cook during a pre-Christmas event all to benefit the L.A. Food Bank. Just a few months back, Dave cooked up a storm for another charity, the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund. The event took place at Wendy Dio's residence and Dave showed up 12 hours early to get the smoker going. He later served up brisket, ribs and pulled pork. YUM. Cooking up delicious meats for people and doing it for a good cause!

Big love and thanks to LA food bank for such an amazing day! Killer hangs with @chefnickshipp @chefchingona @potsandpans77 @chevymetal and @chefbkalman (who thankfully got me into this mess...) Let’s do it again sometime. Cooking for 36 hours straight never felt so good.... -- @ndrewstuart . #backbeatbbq #bbq #laregionalfoodbank #lafoodbank

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5. That time Dave sang on Sesame Street

Oh yes he did! Last month he joined Big Bird and Elmo for a little ditty they called "Here We Go". A super cute tune singing about traveling and meeting new people. I was thrilled to be able to introduce my two-year-old niece to Dave in a way she would appreciate. 

6. Shotgunning a beer with Santa

Our fearless frontman, Dave has invited many lucky fans on stage with him and the almighty Foo Fighters over the years. And the latest fan to get their 15 seconds of fame is none other than Santa! Well, a guy dressed in a provacative santa suit. He was holding a sign that read: 'Dave, will you shotgun a beer with me?' And well, this is what happens when you challenge Dave in the middle of the show. Enjoy!

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