5 Things to Expect at Deck the Hall Ball This Year

November 6, 2018

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We're exactly five weeks out from Deck the Hall Ball 2018 and we need to get pumped! Every December we look forward to hanging out with you in holiday sweaters and blinky light necklaces while dancing with a cucumber... Yes, that actually happened. Someone brought a cucumber to Deck and danced with it all night and it was the weirdest!.. and coolest! Besides people (me) ugly crying during Death Cab For Cutie's set, here are a just few things you can expect at Deck this year:

1 - New stage sets!

Young The Giant released their latest album, Mirror Master just a few weeks ago and not only will they play some new material for us live, but they may even show off their new stage gear, too! Looks like they have some crazy cool lighting to go with what will be an awesome set!:

Fall tour starts tomorrow !!! can't wait to show you guys the new looks we've been working on --⚡--⚡-- --: @matthewjohnbenton

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2 - Costumes!

Jenn Champion popped by Locals Only last month to play a new song for us and to talk about Deck! She will be kicking off the party at WaMu Theater and she told us that we can expect to hear new tunes, and we may get to see some choreographed dance moves and possibly a couple costumes. Yes! 

3 - Spiders!.. Wait, what?!

Billie Eilish filled the entire Showbox a couple weeks ago. The whole place was bouncing and dancing, I could feel the floor move underneath my feet, it was wild! I haven't seen a crowd get that lit at a show in awhile, it was refreshing. I can't wait for her to take the stage at Deck, her energy is nonstop, and if you can get past the giant spider that may be joining her on stage, then you will have a kick ass time, trust!

Photo by Alyssa


4 - Selfies!

It's what we do at DTHB! We love getting out on the floor to hang and talk with you face-to-face, it really is the best! In person high fives are way better than the virtual ones :) If you see us in the crowd, come up and say hi!


Just a scruffy/sassy selfie with some of the wonderful folks at #DTHB -- - @vonwhistler

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Top 5 top 5 top 5! -Manley #DTHB

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5 - Multitasking!

We get that you have other priorities besides standing front and center for Death Cab's set, like possible papers to write or studying to get done.. and according to End Friend, Rory, that's what the in-between set times at DTHB are for! A few years back, Rory was spotted at DTHB finishing a paper because "school comes first" .. but really it's because he understands that when there's so much awesome music on the line, how could you not live that concert life?

We hope you can make it out to Deck this year, it's always an awesome time and it's not a party if you're not there. Grab a ticket and we'll see you in a few weeks!


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