Training For Taco Truck Challenge!

April 26, 2017

Photo by Alyssa


Ok taco lovers, there are two ways you can train for Taco Truck Challenge!

1. Download a helpful 'running' app or just hit the pavement and start gearing up for the Fiesta 5k Ole! The 5k run/walk* happens just before Taco Truck Challenge and will one, burn some pre-taco calories and also make you totally ready to EAT! 

2. OR- you can take Gregr's approach and start eating as many tacos as you can NOW. I mean, it makes sense.. there will be over 25 local food trucks at Volunteer Park for Taco Truck Challenge, so making room in that tummy for MORE tacos seems like the right thing to do:

So, how are you training for Taco Truck Challenge? It's happening May 6th, so whatever you choose, just get on it!

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