Two Music Nerds Talking About... New Music Discovery

Breaking down all the new music from Vance Joy, Bishop Briggs, K.Flay

February 23, 2018

Manley and I talk about music a lot, as you can imagine. We share an office nook and on any given day you can find us jamming out to solid throwbacks or the newest fire. We like to blast the new, new after hours and today, a ton of new music fell into our earholes! This is what we think you should be checking out over the weekend:

Manley's Picks:

Teenage Wrist - Stoned, Alone  I’m a 90’s kid which is why I host Resurrection Sunday from 8-10am (#shamelessselfpromotion.) It's also why I have a major soft spot for a good fuzzy guitar. This band is sick, go listen to them. 


Rainbow Kitten Surprise- Fever Pitch  Listen, just get past the name and enjoy it alright?

Billie Eilish - &burn  I ship anything with Vince Staples in it to be honest, but regardless of my obsessive tendencies this song is really good.

Alyssa's Picks:

If you've listened to your radio at all recently, then you know I've been anxiously waiting for Vance Joy's new album, Nation Of Two. As of now, I've listened to all but the last three songs and I am in lerve! This is a solid follow-up to his debut album which, in my opinion is untouchable. He shared in an Instagram post  that he wrote "Where We Start" (the last song on the album) in Seattle one night. You should definitely listen to the entire album, but this is my favorite so far:

Robert DeLong & K.Flay - Favorite Color is Blue This was an awesome surprise! This song is a solid blend between two artists who know how to DROP beats. Enjoy this fresh style from Bothell's own DeLong and one of our favorite new artists! (Who just happens to really dig our city)

Bishop Briggs - White Flag

Alyssa: I'm already obsessed. I love that Bishop goes from being the sweetest person ever backstage to this fierce, aggressive woman you do not want to mess with on stage. Her lyrics really cut through and this song is no different!

Manley: I can’t swear on the air, but can I curse in a blog? Because BB’s new song is the S@#*!


Plug those buds in and happy listening!