Prepare Yourself For Two New Vampire Weekend Songs Next Week!

February 28, 2019

Jason Merritt / Staff


If you've been counting down the days for a new Vampire Weekend album, know that you are not alone! I am a huge VW fan and was getting antsy after 3... 4... 5.. years had gone by with no new material from them! But I guess we shouldn't be frustrated with the guys for taking some time to just live, right? Plus, they're making it up to us by not making us wait for their upcoming album, Father of the Bride to drop.

The band promised they would give us two new songs each month until they officially release the album and they are delivering!:

SUNFLOWER / BIG BLUE OUT NEXT WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6. wanted to get it out in February but we were convinced by intelligent people to wait a week to get some ducks in a row. Lots more coming/happening in Phase 2. It’s about to get pretty busy. A couple fun facts: Sunflower is the sibling song of Flower Moon. Big Blue was played off the speakers at our Lollapalooza aftershow in Chicago last summer. (Who was there??) SEE U NEXT WEEK

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Last month they gave us "Harmony Hall" and "2021" and on Wednesday, March 6th, we get to please our earholes with two more songs! According to the Instagram post above, "Big Blue" was played off the speakers last Summer during their Lollapalooza aftershow. Those sly dogs! 

Vampire Weekend will be hitting the road for their North American tour in May with a stop at WaMu Theater September 27th! Grab info and tickets, here!


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