Vance Joy Announces Sophomore Album and Shares New Song

November 6, 2017

It's been a little over three years since we received the masterpiece that is Vance Joy's debut album, Dream Your Life Away. Vance Joy (whose real name is James Gabriel Keogh) won us over with songs like "Riptide," "Mess Is Mine," and "Georgia." It wasn't until Summer Camp 2017 that we heard Vance Joy debut some new tunes live

So, You're In Seattle: Vance Joy

Judging from the text and Twitter convos we've had with you, you're digging his song, "Lay It On Me!"

You should be happy to know he's planning on releasing his sophomore album, Nation of Two sometime in February. The official date has not yet been revealed, but what Vance did give us is a brand new song that will be on the album! Take a listen to Like Gold and let us know what you think!