The Vinyl Exclusives We're Pumped For This Record Store Day!

April 6, 2018

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It's almost time, fellow vinyl junkies! Time to hit the record stores, breathe in the smell of old wax while sifting through all the badass exclusive releases this time around. Record Store Day is basically Christmas for us music nerds. It's a day of supporting local record stores, talking to strangers about the music we love and geeking out over rare, special editions.

RSD can be a crazy one, a marathon if you will. Some people get up at 6:00 a.m. just to be the first ones in line at the stores, which is smart! There's only a certain amount of each vinyl exclusive released, once they're sold, they are gone! This is why you should check out the list early and plan what you want to add to your collection ahead of time. 

Here are some of the special releases that we're pumped for this year:

Manley says...
 Listen there are like a zillion things to like about record store day, I even just plain like the smell of records (that’s weird right? That’s weird). If I were to pick one thing to get this year, it would be the 50th-anniversary edition of Johnny Cash at Fulsom Prison. Not only is that one of the best records ever, but it's also essential to have in your collection.  Also, I want the Car Seat Headrest and the RTJ!

Alyssa says...
I am, and will always be a ZepHead so I'm obviously going to make sure I pick up a copy of the first ever RSD release from Led Zeppelin! The 7" features studio mixes of two tracks hand picked by Jimmy Page which is pretty dang cool.

Since I'm wearing my "Ron Gallo is the shirt" tee as I type this and I've been hooked ever since I saw him rock faces off at Tractor Tavern, I have to grab a copy of his brand new EP. All 8 tracks are on both sides of the vinyl, so you don't even have to turn it over! 

And of course, I'll be buying at least one of the four David Bowie exclusives available on the 21st! 

Branden says...
Twin Fantasy (Mirror To Mirror) - Car Seat HeadrestWill Toledo (Car Seat Headrest) originally recorded this back in 2011 before he was signed and performing live on sold-out tours across the U.S.  This isn’t that album. This is a reworked, reimagined release of the original Twin Fantasy. The album is already out via Matador Records for you to listen to and compare the original to the re-release (try before you buy, amirite?), but this will be a great addition to the record collection.

Also, super interested to hear what the remixed Black Sunday by Cypress Hill sounds like.

What are you going after on RSD this year? Reach out to us on Twitter and maybe we'll see you out shopping on April 21st! And don't forget..   "....  if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends."

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