Dave Grohl talks CalJam, ABBA and His Upcoming Documentary, 'Play' on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

August 3, 2018

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Whenever Dave Grohl is a guest on a talk show, I have to watch! He's one of the best storytellers ever and has this way of making us all feel included. Last night (8/2) he was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and he opened up about the one time he got to jam and cover a Led Zeppelin song with Prince, how he's not too cool to rock an ABBA tee and caught us up on his upcoming two-part documentary, Play. 

"Play" is a 23-minute long instrumental recorded solely by Dave. In the clip below, Dave explains how he recorded each instrument separately (hoping to do it in just one take). Dave doesn't read music, so he had to memorize each section and then lay it all down! He only had real trouble recording the piano section because, to quote, "I don't play piano."

Can we give it up for this legend right now?! Dave somehow managed to push himself to create this epic 23-minute long instrumental during the Foo Fighters' massive North American tour AND film the whole process! He's always giving back to his fans, making him one of my favorite people on this planet. "Play" will be available next Friday (8/10), but you can pre-order it today, here.

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