We Can Still Rock Our Chucks in Seattle, Despite the Rain!

Converse just put out a new line that will keep our feet toasty warm!

October 31, 2016

Photo by Dreamstime

Is there anything worse than getting brand new kicks and having them destroyed a week later? Ok, maybe getting fruit or veggies in your trick-or-treat buckets as a kid, but they're pretty close together on the suckage chart.

Sometimes, I plan out when I buy my vans or chucks based on the climate. That might sound weird, but I hate buying new sneaks and not being able to wear them because it's Fall in Seattle and rains at least once a day. 

If you feel me on this, then get ready for the high five because Converse just released a line of waterproof Chucks. Yes, I said waterproof

These new studs are made with water-repellent canvas, waterproof leather and other materials that make them perfect for staying dry and still looking dope while you walk around Seattle in your Chuck’s.

So whether you frolic in the rain, or yeah know, walk, know that your days of soggy wet feet are behind you!

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