Arctic Monkeys EndSession at Seattle Drum School

August 13, 2014

Alex Turner and Matt Helders of the Arctic Monkeys along with keyboardist Tom Rowley walked into the dimly lit Seattle Drum School early Tuesday afternoon and treated a group of approximately 40 fans and staff to what turned out to be one of the greatest EndSessions I've witnessed. 

It is indisputable truth that the Arctic Monkeys are a cool band.  They stepped up the cool factor by a massive amount in my book during the EndSession.  Alex Turner told me that he had heard 107.7 The End likes for bands to do a cover song during EndSessions.  This was affirm ed by a confident "yeah!" from an audience member when Alex later asked the crowd if it was true.

They did some homework to find an artist to cover with a Seattle connection that would work well with their style.  He learned from an internet search that Father John Misty had spent a lot of time in Seattle so they chose him to cover.  Hearing the Arctic Monkeys play 'Only Son Of A Ladies Man' gave me goose bumps.  I can't describe how great it was, you'll just have to wait for the video to come out to see for yourself.  For now, check out some photos from the EndSession.

Mat Hayward
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Manley and GregR with Matt (L) and Alex

My daughter Savannah was on cloud 9 after she got to meet them. 

Alex listening to the audio after the room had cleared.