Austin - Night 1

March 13, 2014

It was a crazy first night in Austin on Wednesday.  With so much great music happening everywhere, I decided to focus on artists that will be coming to Seattle soon.  

First, you must go see Skaters when they play at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard on Saturday, March 22nd. &nb sp;I've heard some hype, but after seeing them live, they've earned it.  Skaters are a dangerous and super tight band, with a bunch of catchy songs.  They blew me away last night and I look forward to seeing them again before the week is out in Austin.  Don't miss them whe n they come to Seattle.

I made it over to Stubbs to catch the last half of St. Vincent, this is another artist you don't want to miss when she plays the Moore Theater on Wednesday, March 26th.  Annie Clark is a mesmerizing performer, and last night she did not disappoint.  The atmosphere at Stubbs wasn't ideal, but I'll bet the Moore Theater will be the perfect venue for her.  

The goal was to end the night seeing Damon Albarn at Stubbs, he was scheduled to play right after St. Vincent.  As sometimes happens, there was an overly long set changeover, but at least it gave us the chance to enjoy some Shiner Bock.  Finally, Damon Albarn hit the stage 45 minutes late to the super mellow strains of "Everyday Robots", the title track from his soon to be released solo album.  His band sounds great, he was in good voice, but the set overall was very laid back.  The setlist was heavy on the new songs, which are very chill.  Also, it was cut short due to the late start.  I guess you could say it was a good show to wind down with.  

Sadly, the night ended on a tragic note, an apparent drunk driver crashed into a crowd of people outside of a club.  I didn't see it, I was at Stubbs when it happened, but later found out that the incident occurred only a block away.  Drinking and driving is an idiotic thing to do, please don't do it.  Thankfully, Seattle has many transportation options that can help us all avoid doing such a thing.  

Today will be another filled with music, I'm looking forward to seeing The Strypes, Wild Cub, Bear Hands, Band of Skulls, Lucius, Some Kind of Wonderful and our "Locals Only" artist of the month, La Luz.  I hope you're enjoying the live stream of all the bands performing at The Heart of Austin.  Cheers!