Band Of Horses @ The Paramount 9.13.11

September 13, 2011

Showed up late and walked straight to the top of th e paramount mezzanine. 15 empty rows before me giving way to a packed paramount floor below as band of horses filled the stage. The crowd seemingly completely disconnected from the material before launching into an enormous sing a long for fan fav the great salt lake. It's fun to remember that these guys are playing a hometown show as much as they pretend they aren't. It crosses my mind if they're disappointed to not be playing the key arena? And what it means that this time last week fleet foxes played not one but two shows on this very stage at similar capacity. A commentary on lack of interest based on the quality of their latest album or perhaps a result of begging to be disassociated from our town and finally getting their wish? One things for sure. They still have their beards.

Their silouhettes grace the projected backdrop, cheesy at first but ultimately visually pleasing. As the videos cycle through the shadows remain ever present. Revealing somehibg greater and more deliberate rather than sloppy. Wrote a note to myself about the new song they played, it just days "this one sounds like Jimmy eat world." pretty rockin for them, very straight forward fast and driving but I think with boh that's sort of missin the point. But maybe I'm crazy. Ben pauses between songs and tells a story about how he once slept on a bench outside of the paramount and it's crazy to play in this room. Also learned there is a bathroom on the third floor of the paramount. Also, there is a 3rd floor in the paramount.

My girlfriend and I played a game where I guessed what songs were new and which were old (she's a big fan) I learned I know nothing about band of horses. It's a battle sitting down at a show much less in the tip top of the paramount mezzanine. It makes me appreciate all the times I woke up early on a Saturday to make sure I got floor tickets when they went on sale.

The band seems in genuinely great form and for anyone close I'm sure it connects immensely but from up here despite great sound and a surprisingly not horrible view a lot of that passion is lost in translation. A fan tosses something onstage and Ben lifts it to the light before Putting on what appears to be some sort of sonic shirt thrown to him by the crowd before launching into "the greatest song ever" to which I turn to my girlfriend and say"oh that's great they're gonna play thriller" and then ending the main set with no ones gonna love you.