Best #TextsWeGetAtTheEnd of the week!

Yeah, we read everything on the internet.

March 4, 2016

Every week, we here at The End have a lot of very interesting comments, tweets and texts come into the studio and we thought it unfair to not share them with you, the good people of the internet. Here are the best #TextsWeGetAtTheEnd of the week (mixed with a couple tweets).


1. Why do you sound so confident? Also, you are terrifying.


Seriously, though. Why do you know this? I mean, I suppose we can alway just assume that the Big One is just around the corner...but this is getting oddly specific.


2. OK, we get it. You want to hear it again, though?


It's like when you go to take a sip of root beer but accidentally drink out of the lemon-lime soda. You really hate that feeling and you want everyone to know how weird it was. Well maybe it's nothing like that, but that's a weird feeling right? 


3. Chapter III: Space Bed, the Dementor


The best thing about Weezer is that they keep making more music. This means that Throwback Thursdays will always be somewhat relevant if it is Weezer related. The worst thing about Weezer is that when you have a Weezer song stuck in your head, your soul will be eaten by a mattress. Gotta take the good with the bad, I suppose.


4. I wonder if those Alt-J guys like breakfast as much as we do... (from @tazkitty)


I mean, the next line literally is "Break down now weep build up breakfast now." Maybe we have been singing it wrong the whole time.


5. What did we expect?


In a time where the world is at our fingertips, why would we do anything at all? Apparently we don't (or at least 75 of you don't). Good work team! 


6. Bourbon and Bacon and Lipitor Fest (from @stewithaphen)


Sure you could try to be healthy, but what if we just, maybe for a day, pretended that cholesterol didn't exist?