Best #TextsWeGetAtTheEnd of the week!

Texts with a side of meatballs

March 11, 2016

We get a lot of texts at The End. We also like spaghetti. It just so happens that sometimes our love of getting messages and our love of spaghetti mix together to form a really, really strange dish.

See for yourself with this week's Best #TextsWeGetAtTheEnd of the Week:

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• • •

1. Spaghetti - Not Even Once. 

I don't know what to say, but this is the first thing you get when you google "Spaghetti Addiction" Thanks, Baltimore Sun.


2. Who cares about the mess of pocket spaghetti when you have a other pocket-sized clean-up utensils?

On second thought, this just sounds like a recipe for disaster. Tell me about shoe sandwiches...


3. Maybe it's natural. Maybe it's Marinara Mabeline.

Who knew baby bottoms had any similarities to spaghetti?


4. I picked a bad time to stop drinking shroom tea.

We can't tell whether this was serene or terrifying. Someone's been playing too much World of Warcraft.


5. This is a bit over the top.

Did anyone else know there was Gregr fan fic out there?


6. This explains a lot.

The resemblance is uncanny. Does that make Will Smith like, a Chad Smith+Will Ferrell Zord?


7. #RIPPepper :-(

Pepper isn't dead, but she isn't on the radio anymore. That is a huge bummer. 


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