The best way to celebrate National Pizza Day in Seattle

February 9, 2017

Everyone's favorite holiday is back! Happy National Pizza Day to you, the brothers and sisters of the church of cheese, the monks of marinara, and even you, Poperoni

We are here to help you celebrate this sacred day for the disciples of the deep dish. Here are the best spots in Seattle to grab a slice or two to pay your respects on this holy day, according to The End staff.

Manley says...
"If you want deep dish pizza you gotta go to Windy City. Note - when you get it, don’t freak that the outside crust is burnt up. It's cheese, and it's carmelized ya dingus!

New York style - I really like Pagliacci’s and Ian’s, but Big Mario’s takes the crown….and the box it comes in, oh my.

Fancy style - get outta here with all that! Pizza should be smothered in cheese and meats and so greasy the paper plate it was served on turns virtually see-through by the last bite. Anything less is an insult <immediately has 3 heart attacks>."

Gregr says...
"Dude, Mac n Cheese pizza at Ian’s Pizza on Broadway all day. Manley ordered us a whole one last week. We eat like children. Not sorry."

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Branden says...
"I don't care what Manley says about fancy pizza, Tuta Bella might be one of the best spots to grab a drink and some damn good pizza. They are the only certified Neapolitan pizzeria in the Northwest, which is impressive. It's some of the best wood-fired grub you can find in the PNW. Period.  If you're trying to keep it simple, hit up Pagliacci for a slice or two."

Alyssa says...
Nothing. She is on vacation so she doesn't get to say stuff about Seattle pizza today. 

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