Bosnian Rainbows and My Goodness at the Crocodile 09.17.13

September 18, 2013

Delightfully weird.  That's the best way I can describe the Bosnian Rainbows featuring Teri Gender Bender formerly of Les Butcherettes and Omar Rodriguez Lopez formerly of Mars Volta.  They are one of my favorite bands on the road right now and last night at the Crocodile they affirmed that for me.

The Bosnian Rainbows couldn't have picked a better opening band in my opinion.  Local rockers My Goodness never disappoint and last night was no exception.  Andy Lum absolutely destroys his drums when he bea ts on them with powerful fury while Joel Schneider rips it up on the guitar and whips the crowd into a frenzy with his dominant vocals.

Here is a video I captured of them performing one of my favorite songs C'mon Doll...

Up next the Bosnian Rainbows.  Teri Gender Bender overwhelms the front of the stage while Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Deantoni Parks and Nicci Kasper form a unified line in the rear.  Teri starts out looking sweet and innocent with a pretty smile and an almost shy presence.  Then you see the lights go a little dark in her eyes.  She starts grinding her fist into her forehead with what appears to be authentic intensity and then it's on. 

Performing song after song off of their self titled album the intensity ramps up into an almost unbearable state.  Omar is considered one of the best guitarist in the world and watching him live you don't need to read it to know it.  He is unreal.  Teri dances across the stage in controlled spasms and nobody can take their eyes off of her when she commands your attention.  Her banter between songs was all spanish and usually was followed by maniacal laughter.  I didn't know if I should be terrified or exhilerated.  I think I felt both. 

Below are some photos from the show but first here is a video I grabbed of their song Turtleneck.  At about 5 minutes in you'll get an idea of what I mean about her intensity.  In my opinion it's worth a watch:

My Goodness

Joel Schneider of My Goodness

Andy Lum of My Goodness

The calm before the storm with Teri Gender Bender

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