10 songs you need to hear at Summer Camp 2017

July 27, 2017

Photo by Mat Hayward

Summer Camp 2017 is just around the corner, with 16 bands making their way to Marymoor Park to party hard with host Andrew W.K

16 bands means TONS of music, so what are the 10 you're going to want to hear the most from this year's bands?

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10. Vance Joy - "Lay It On Me"
It's brand new and it will be especially awesome if he has a horn section behind him. Even if he doesn't, this song is brand-spanking-new and will be our first time seeing it performed live in the PNW.

9. LP - "Lost On You"
When LP came and did an EndSession for us, this song blew me away. She can whistle like nobody's business and she commands the room with her voice. I'm excited to see what she can do on the big stage with a full band. 

8. Minus The Bear - "Waiting Room" (Fugazi cover)
I don't know if they would play a Fugazi cover in the middle of their set, but if out of the mist, that bass line dropped and they went into their cover of "Waiting Room," I wouldn't be mad.

7. Magic Giant - "Window"
The newest additions to the Summer Camp lineup can really throw a party. Everybody plays every instrument (it seems) and their song "Window" blends pretty much every instrument ever created. Folk, Pop, Electronic, they got it all. Can't wait for their set.  

6. New Politics - "Harlem"
Look, we love "One Of Us," but I'm trying to shake it to "Harlem" at Summer Camp. 

5. Missio - "Middle Fingers"
You either love this song or you hate it, but something about seeing a thousand hands in the air all flipping the bird seems hilarious to me. 

4. The Fame Riot - "Heart Stray"
These guys could not be more fun. "Heart Stray" is always one of those songs that, when it comes on, I find myself thinking, "Hell yeah, more of this." The Tacoma-based band is sure to start a dance party. Don't be surprised if you walk out of Summer Camp with a new favorite band.

3. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness - "The Mixed Tape" (Jack's Mannequin Cover)
Again, we love Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, but HOW DOPE would it be for him to break out his biggest Jack's Mannequin hit? The crowd would go absolutely bonkers for some of that early 2000s poppy emo. 

2. Bishop Briggs - "Dead Man's Arms"
Before Bishop Briggs even had an EP out, she debuted "Dead Man's Arms" at Summer Camp 2016 and HOT DAMN. She stole the show last year and there's no question why she's back this year. I could listen to her belt this out acapella and be just fine.

1. Metric - "Gold Gun Girls"
There are a lot of Metric songs that could go on this list, but having seen them do "Gold Gun Girls" before, this is the one I can't wait to see this time around. There's more guitar solos, more jumping, more attitude. Emily Haines for president.

What song is on your must-see list?

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