10 things you'll see at Summer Camp 2016

The countdown begins...NOW!

August 3, 2016

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime

We are officially 10 days away from the start of Summer Camp 2016 and we are celebrating by counting down the days with a new list every morning. 

Here are the 10 things you are guaranteed to see at Summer Camp 2016!


1. Gregr high fiving everyone

Gregr high fived nearly 3,000 people at Summer Camp 2015. This year, he’s doing it again. If you see the tall guy walking around with his Rubik’s Cube, go give him an “up high,” but bring some hand sanitizer because we don’t know if he’s washed his hand since last year…

2. Flat Manley

Photo by Manley

Regular Manley is cool, but do you know something cooler? FLAT Manley. Keep an eye out for Flat Manley popping up around Summer Camp and snag a pic! 

3. The new girl

Haaaaaave you met Alyssa? Chances are, you haven’t! Alyssa is the new girl who you can hear from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. on The End each day. She likes ice cream, tacos, hiking and her dog. Preferably when you can combine all those things at once.

4. Tan lines

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime

By tan lines, we mean sun burns. You’ll see a lot of both here.

5. Friends

Don’t have a friend to bring to Summer Camp this year? That’s ok! You can find new, cooler friends at Summer Camp, or just be best friends with us!

6. The person who loves (insert band name) juuuuust a little too much

There’s always that person at the show who is juuuuuust a little bit of a super fan. The only reason they bought tickets to the entire weekend was to see one band. Look for guys in Canadian Tuxedos and mustaches waiting to see Kris Orlowski, or the people screaming bloody murder for Big Data. We love these people.

7. A space man/woman

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime

One lucky fan gets to dress up as a space person and come on stage with AWOLNATION, which is cool for so many reasons. 1) Space is cool. 2) AWOLNATION is cool. 3) Pretty sure this is the closest I have come to seeing an astronaut in person.

8. The perfect set of teeth

If you haven’t seen Kaleo in person you haven’t seen Icelandic tooth king Jökull Júlíusson in person, therefore you haven’t seen the absolute perfect set of teeth on the planet in person. 9/10 dentists agree (the tenth dentist is Norwegian). The guy must floss 15 times a day.

9. So much chocolate

Look, we are pretty big fans of chocolate ice cream. Like, the biggest fans. If chocolate ice cream was a really bad baseball team, we would still show up every game to cheer it on. We will have the best chocolate ice cream, The Chocolate To End All Chocolate, at Summer Camp. Loads of it.

10. Bands on bikes

Ever been sitting on a picnic blanket while eating a bowl of ice cream when Kris Orlowski zips past you on a bicycle? At Summer Camp, you might see that. We keep a bunch of bikes back stage for the bands to get around and you might see them rolling around, poppin’ wheelies left and right if you hang out long enough!

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---What you won't see---
Zach stage diving. We'll explain later