3 benefits of adopting a cat this weekend

Don't think, just adopt!

August 2, 2016

Photo courtesy of Seattle Humane



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If you are a cat person, or even if you aren't and you just know someone who is really into cats, you know that owning a cat can be great! But if you want to feel even more warm and fuzzy inside, we suggest adopting something warm and fuzzy.

Owning a cat is great, but adopting a cat is better! Here are three benefits of adopting a cat, thanks to our friends at Seattle Humane:

1. Owning a cat makes you attractive (it's scientifically proven)

Just look at this guy. I mean, sure he looks cool, but the cat really ups his game, wouldn't you say, ladies? Take the cat away and he's just some hipster who needs a pair of socks. With the cat? Certified dream boat. 

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime

2. Cats make you live longer!

Seriously. From less chance of stroke or heart attack to lower blood pressure to a simple increase in your immune system, cat's are like nature's medicine for humans. Plus, if you have a cat around your baby, there's less likelihood of the kid developing allergies later on! 

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime

3. Need help typing? Cats are the best for that!

You know that thing when you are sitting at your computer, staring at the blank screen on that paper you are supposed to write or the project your boss made you take home on the weekend? Well cats can help! They love laying on keyboards when you really don't want them to, but give you a perfect excuse to take a break and procrastinate (and it's more satisfying than your fourth trip through Facebook to see what that guy you dated from high school looks like now).

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime

Not convinced that adopting a cat is right for you? Go meet some in person, along with some cat experts, at Catapalooza this weekend at Seattle Humane! 

Catapalooza – brought to you by Seattle Humane – celebrates all things CAT-tastic!

2016 Catapalooza is Saturday, Aug. 6 – Sunday, Aug. 7 at the new Seattle Humane facility.

Hundreds of adoptable cats and kittens. No fee for first 25 kitten adoptions each day / Adopt one Seattle Humane kitten for $50 or two kittens for $90 (normally $125 each) / No adoption fee for any Seattle Humane cat 1 year and up

For more information, please visit SeattleHumane.org.

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