3 things worse than Seattle traffic

At least you don't have to deal with these for the next two weeks of #99Closure

April 28, 2016

We know. Aurora Ave, SR 99, the doomed nightmare of a bridge that is set to come down in the (near?) future is going to be closing to traffic for the next couple weeks while Bertha, the big-ass drill, burrows below.

This means not-so-good things for the state of the already not-so-good traffic here in the Emerald City. So instead of focusing on the terrible traffic, let's remind ourselves that there are worse things in and around Seattle than the next two weeks of log-jammed roads that we can't stop thinking about! (If you are reading this as a non-Seattle resident, PLEASE SEND HELP).

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below:

1. Constant dramatic reenactments about the potential destruction and tidal waves that an earthquake would cause while destroying everything we know and love.

PROS: At least nobody will be on Aurora if the "big one" was to hit within the next couple weeks!

CONS: Being in an underground tunnel near the sea during an earthquake sounds like the last place I would want to be...except for maybe in Seattle traffic...

2. GREGR: When you've been wearing chuck's with a hole in the sole for months of dry weather and then it rains.... 

PROS: Your feet look awesome because they are in some of the best shoes around.

CONS: Just when you think Seattle is going to be all sun for a couple of months.... this.

3. ZACH: People who put their backpacks in the seat next to them on the bus

PROS: Because you'll be taking the bus a lot, you won't have a place to use all your pent up road rage! This a-hole with his backpack on his seat is the perfect spot to unleash all your frustration.

CONS: The pro is actually a con...so there's that.