3 tips to avoid a ticket with the new Washington distracted driving law

July 11, 2017



Washington has a new "Distracted Driving" law that goes into effect July 23 and it is really cracking down on more than just texting while driving.

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Under the new law, using your phone at all while driving, even at a red light, is now a ticketable offense. Also, using a handheld device or tablet while driving is now a primary offense rather than secondary, meaning that if you get caught, you can be pulled over on the spot as opposed to needing to be pulled over for something else, like speeding, first.

It isn't a cheap ticket, either. Fines start at $136 and can range up to $234. 

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On top of the further restrictions on device usage, if you are caught eating, smoking, brushing your hair, doing your makeup, shaving your neck or anything else deemed distracting, you can get a ticket, though these instances remain a secondary offense and carry a $99 fine. 

If you want to use your phone or eat a sandwich, you're going to need to park or pull over. 

Here are 3 tips on how to avoid a ticket for distracted driving:

  • Use a phone mount
    You can find them for cheap and if you use them for navigation a lot like me, it puts the directions right in your line of sight! Here are a few available for under $15.
  • Use BlueTooth
    Your phone most likely has a bluetooth connection that you can either pair with your car or at the very least with a headset or earpiece. Yeah, they might look dorky but it could keep you from A) Getting a ticket or B) getting in a gnarly wreck.
  • Eat before you drive
    Honestly, it's easier anyway. Instead of spilling your chalupas all over your lap when you have to brake suddenly, just pull into the Taco Bell parking lot and smash it then and there. If you have a true homie, the alternative is to have them feed you the tots as while you keep both hands on the wheel.

Any other tips to avoid a ticket from the po po? 

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