3 ways to celebrate National Ice Cream Week

Wait, isn't every week Ice Cream Week?

July 13, 2016

You know that feeling at the end of a long week where you need, no, deserve to eat an entire pint of ice cream? As laid out in the Constitution of The United States Of America, it is your federal right to do this at the end of every day during this week, National Ice Cream Week.

Here are our favorite ways to exercise our civic duty to patriotically stuff our faces with sugar and cream:

1. Home-made Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches from heaven

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime

Look, normal ice cream sandwiches are good for the unenlightened, but if you have ever smashed a scoop of chocolate ice cream between two melty home-made cookies, you have seen the truth. Bake a batch of your favorite delicous crumb machines, scoop up one generous helping of The Chocolate to End All Chocolates Ice Cream from Full Tilt and squeeze the sweetness between the cookies and cram it in your face. Simple as that.

2. Next Level Ice Cream Milkshake

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime

Cool. You can make a milkshake. But does your milkshake literally bring all the boys to the yard? I didn't think so. Do you even have a yard for boys to visit? How can you possibly afford a yard in Seattle in the current market? We should talk...I have more questions... Oh right. Milkshakes.

It's time to evolve your milkshake Pokemon into a MILKSHAKEATRONOMON™. How do you do this? Put your glass in the freezer, you'll need that later. Scoop out three scoops of The Chocolate to End All Chocolates into your blender (AKA the MILKSHAKEATRONOMON MACHINE™) add a couple chuggalugs of milk and mix it all up in a blender, then pour into your now perfectly-chilled glass! To make this excellent shake become MILKSHAKEATRONOMON™, add some peanut butter cups, maybe an oreo or two and some chocolate syrup, then drink it all out of a cookie straw!

3. Pints on Pints on Pints

Photo by Leslie

Sometimes you need to kick it old school. Eating an entire pint of ice cream to yourself is the adult version of getting home from school as a kid and eating all the candy from your parent's secret stash before they get home from work. You know you shouldn't do it and someone (certainly future you) is going to pay for it, but damn if it isn't alluring. Here's a few places you can find some pints for your alone-time party with our favorite ice cream.

What's your favorite way to enjoy ice cream? Let us know in the comments below!

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