The 5 bands to see at each day of Upstream Music Fest

April 11, 2017

Photo by Jay Scroggins / SubPop Records

Upstream Music Fest + Summit, which some see as Seattle's answer to SXSW, is a local band smorgasbord, with a few big headliners peppered in to taste.

Taking place at more than 25 venues with more than 300 artists (that's a whole lot), it's easy to get overwhelmed trying to pick who you want to see on each day (May 11-13).

To help you boil it down to a more palatable spread, here are the five artists I'll be trying to see each day of the fest and a song to give you their general vibe.

Dave B - (Seattle - hip hop)

Lonely Mountain Lovers - (Seattle - rock/alt country)

Dude York - (Seattle - rock)

Porter Ray - (Seattle - hip hop)

The Maldives - (Seattle - alt country)

• • •

Flying Lotus - (LA - electronic/pop/jazz)

Deep Sea Diver - (Seattle - indie rock)

Brothers from Another - (Seattle - hip hop)

The Thermals - (Portland - lo-fi/punk)

Smokey Brights - (Seattle - indie rock)

• • •

Dinosaur Jr. - (Amherst, Mass. - alternative rock)

The Flavr Blue - (Seattle - electronic

Shabazz Palaces - (Seattle - hip hop)

Chris Staples - (Seattle - acoustic indie rock)

Steal Shit Do Drugs - (Seattle - punk)

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