5 Best Dad Jokes for Father's Day

Hi hungry, I'm dad.

June 17, 2016

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Father's Day is a day  to celebrate dads for all they do in our lives, but it also serves as a day to remember where many of us got our sense of humor.

I'm pretty sure when you become a father, someone waits for you outside the hospital door with a cigar and a copy of the "Dad Joke Dictionary." Either that or the "Pun" and "Wordplay" lobes in the brain are activated by the sight of your child. We aren't sure exactly how it happens, but something changes and it is permanent.

In light of Father's Day, we pulled together some of the best dad jokes we could find from the internet, so hold tight and maybe grab a bite, because you definitely don't want to be hungry for this...

1. Alternative dad knows a thing or two

2. Economy dad strikes again

3. This police department that is apparently full of dads

4. This jerk

5. And of course, the ultimate dad joke


Happy Father's Day, Bob! 

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