5 Halloween Things to do near Seattle

October 19, 2016



Seattle is a city that can get down on non-holiday holidays with the best. If you don't already have plans for Halloween, make sure you do something because there are so many options!

Check it out:

1. Halloween Pub Crawl - Oct. 22

A week before the actual day of Halloween, don your best costume, comfy shoes and down plenty of protein and fatty foods because you're going to be out all night at the sixth annual Halloween Pub Crawl. You're starting at 11:30 a.m. at The Blarney Stone and crawling along as long as you can until you finally drop at Trinity Nightclub at 2:00 a.m.. Like I said, get those fatty foods and plenty of water in you so you make it all night!

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2. Zombie Paintball @ Thomas Family Farms in Snohomish (Oct. 20-23 & Oct. 27-30 6pm - 10pm)

It's like "The Walking Dead," but real life. If you can stomach the 30-minute drive up to Snohomish to Thomas Family Farms, you finally get a chance to shoot paintballs at real human beings who don't shoot back you sickos. Tickets are right around $20 and you  can get them beforehand so you don't have to wait in line forever to shoot zombies. I did this last year and it can be pretty fun, and you also feel like a total jerk while wondering how much the "zombies" get paid to sit there and take the beatings like champs.

3. Thriller @ Occidental Park (Oct. 29 @ 3pm)

Every year around Halloween, people around the world gather in public spaces to mourn the dead and...dance to Michael Jackson? "Thrill The World" gets people dancing to Jackson's "Thriller" every year in public places and Seattleites are gathering at Occidental Park on October 29 at 3:00 p.m. for some funkiness.. If you want to participate in a huge, coordinated dance, this is your chance. Don't know the dance? That's ok, they have practice sessions, but the last one is Oct. 23 at 843 Hiawatha Place South in Seattle. Know it already? That's weird, but just show up like your favorite character from the Thriller video and get funky! 

4. Run Scared 5K (Oct. 30 @ Seward Park)

Some of you weirdos celebrate every holiday by running. Cinco de Mayo? Run a 5k. Saint Patrick's Day? Run a half marathon. I don't get it, but you do you, I guess. So here, run a 5k for Halloween while eat all of the food and candy. Have fun.  

5. Día de Muertos @ Seattle Center (Oct. 29-30)

Costumes, zombies and fright not your scene? Then take in and learn about the cultural significance of Día De Muertos, or "The Day of the Dead," the holiday celebrated in Mexico, parts of Central and South America and even here in the United States by those with Mexican ancestry. Seattle's celebration is free and open to the public and includes live performances, shopping, altars, arts and crafts and beautiful Ornament displays.

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How to pick a relevant costume for Halloween 2016

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