The 5 most relevant costumes for Halloween 2016

October 13, 2016


Halloween means absolute comedic gold for some and stressed out, last-minute costumes for others. I usually fall into the home-made, "yeah this kind of looks like Steve from Blues Clues so I guess I'll be that," category.

This year is different. For all you unprepared folk out there, 2016 was a relevant costume factory! Every month brought forth a new meme, joke, or cultural phenomenon we all had a laugh at. The funny, relevant costume arsenal has never been better armed than this Halloween.

Here are a few ideas to get you going this year:

1. Ken Bone
Let’s start with the obvious. Ken Bone became everybody’s second favorite Ken (behind Griffey Jr.) by doing pretty much nothing at all at the second presidential debate.

What you need: Red sweater, White shirt, White tie, Cargo pants, Fake mustache (bonus points if you grow a real one), Glasses. Be the OG Ken Bone by wearing the olive suit with the torn pants that he reportedly wore on his way to the debate.

Good for: Political nerds, Big dudes, People with mustaches

Make it a partner costume by... having your friends go as the candidates. Only talk to them by asking questions all night.

Also, Sexy Ken Bone.

2. Birdie Sanders
While we are talking politics...Birdie Sanders might have been the best thing to come out of the primaries. In Portland, a bird landed on Bernie Sanders' podium in the middle of his speech. The idea behind this costume is basically Snow White meets Larry David

What you need: Suit, A bunch of fake birds, Glasses, Be Larry David. Pin the fake birds to your shoulders and arms. 

Good for: Parties where people won't talk to you about politics, because gross.

Make it a partner costume by... Your friend goes as a bird and  you piggy-back rides all night.

3. Suicide Squad
Arguably this Summer’s biggest movie blockbuster and its largest bust, Suicide Squad at least produced a few recognizable costumes. Here’s what you’ll need.

Harley Quinn: Red and blue shorts, Fishnets, Baseball T with red sleeves, Pig tails, A baseball bat, Studs on everything

Deadshot:  Buy a Deadpool costume and put a baseball catchers’ gear on top of it. Boom. Done.

Joker: Tattoos, Mike Jones’ grill, Green hair, Purple jacket, No shirt

Good for: Not having to explain what you are for Halloween all night thanks to the this-is-everywhere-marketing of this movie.

Make it a partner costume by... having your friend go as a film critic and they make fun of you all night.

4. Damn, Daniel 
We miiiiight be pushing it at this point. Damn Daniel was a flame that might have burned out too early in 2016 for it to still be relevant for your Halloween party, but at the very least some poeple will be like, "How did I not think of that?!" Your friend Daniel is going to be super pissed he didn't think of it, too. 

What you need: Sick ass white Vans, Khakis, Backpack, Blue shirt, Bieber hair

Good for: Going to high school parties, especially if your name is Daniel.

Make it a partner costume by...  Having someone follow you around yelling "DAAAAAAAMN DANIEL!"

5. Eleven from Stranger Things

Ok, so maybe Stranger Things will still be popular next year and maybe even next Halloween, but this is your first Halloween to get this right, so go as Eleven

What you need: Buzz cut, Dress with a collar, Box of Eggos, Blue windbreaker, White sneaks

Good for: Hipsters, mostly.

Make it a partner costume by... someone dresses up as Mike, and when you split up they tell everyone they're Demitri Martin.

I shouldn't even have to say some of these things, but here is what to absolutely not do this Halloween, either due to it being completely stupid, or because it is racist or insensitive.

  • Harambe - Stupid. It's really just a gorilla suit. You can be more creative than that
  • Pepe the frog - Stupid, also racist
  • Black face - Don't be an idiot
  • Other racially insensitive costumes. Don't go as an insensitive stereotype for Halloween
  • Man In Tree - It might seem perfect, but something about it doesn't feel right. The guy had some mental health problems. I don't like making light of that. Go as Yukon Cornelius instead
  • Clowns - DON'T GO AS A CLOWN. 

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